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About Me

Ellen is a Professional Sound Therapist, certified USUI Reiki Master, and an intuitive Tarot Reader. On YouTube@healingsoundsreiki, and TikTok@healingsoundsreiki, she creates a safe space where she uses Sound healing, Reiki and teachings, to heal body, mind and spirit and promote a sound sleep.

"My greatest aspiration is to meet my soul family, to connect and grow together! It is therefore with great pleasure that I open my door to you. This year, is one of great transformation, with many of us ending or beginning new life cycless, and I'm here to help, this is my mission.

Why You Should Join Me

🙏🏽 I am very excited about my new online Sound & Energy Healing Art Community

This is a place where people can come together to share information and experiences about their struggles and success. Are you burned out, tired, depressed or do you have anxiety issues and sleep problems?  You are not alone, and I believe that this community will be a great resource for people interested in exploring some of the opportunities and modalities that exist to help with overcoming their suffering. I will be offering ideas, reflections and solution, here exclusively, such as sound and energy healing art sessions, articles, e-books, live healing sessions for planetary events and more.

What is it about ?
It is all about sound therapy and energy work with Asmr tinglesSound healing, Reiki, chakra work, guided meditation, high vibrational healing music, infused with teachings and intuitive Tarot reading to heal body, mind and spirit.

Deep relaxation by decreasing your overactive mind, which promotes better sleep and self-healing and calm, serenity, joy and happiness, as well as clarity on your situation.

For victims of burnout and its symptoms such as anxiety, stress, depression, sleep disorders and fatigue (TikTok burnout, YouTube burnout, Instagram Burnout, online media burnout, at work in general but also in your personal life).

Also for people who feel lost, with low self-esteem & no purpose, who need guidance.

"May you receive all the healing energy embedded in my offerings."
Much love ✨💖 Ellen


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